AI sales automation platform

Solving your quality-of-leads problem
and increasing selling time by 78%

AI sales platform powered by our data and research engine

Provides real-time sales coaching to new and low-performing sales reps based on your top performing rep's data, allowing your organization to grow and increasing your sales team's performance.

Lead Plus with AI

Go beyond basic contact info with Market Intent Lead Plus. Get deep research on each lead, learn what the company does and who they are, who they buy from and sell to, understand their customer personas, their product and their brand with our brand data. We arm your sales team with high-quality data and the confidence to sell better, meet quotas and close deals.

AI sales coaching

Our Al sales coach consolidates research data to create personalized coaching for each sales rep. We further customize the coaching by incorporating your sales rep's background and your company's selling style.

Our Al sales coach is customized for each sales organization to help new sales reps and low-performing reps by using data from your top performing reps, allowing your organization to grow, increase your sales teams performance and reduce training costs.

AI business email generator

Create impactful, personalized marketing and sales emails written in your company's tone of voice and editorial style. We use previous emails between your sales team and customers to train our email generator to create unique, high-impact and targeted messages.

Our data engine consists of five parts

Lead generation

Our lead generation database is connected to our research engine, allowing for personalization of high-quality leads.

Research engine

Customized research for each company and sales team, providing deep analysis for each lead, allowing your sales reps to close more deals.

Help your team strike that work/life balance by letting our research engine take on the non-revenue producing aspects of sales -- like research, prospecting and lead generation, so your sales reps can focus on selling and customers.

Deep insights

Provides deep insight, recommendations and coaching on to whom in the organization you should reach out -- and how to reach them.

Reinforce each organization’s best practices to new and low-performing sales reps based on your top performing reps' data, allowing your organization to grow and increasing your sales teams' performance.

Brand data

Allows an organization's sales team to gain a deeper understanding of potential customer needs. Our brand database consists of more than 1,850 brand dashboards, providing deep data on each brand, such as market share, social, news, TAM expansion, brand promotion, user personas, movie mention, competitor analysis and hundreds of other data points.


Market Intent has generated millions of user personas tied to our Product User Profile (PUP).

Our user persona data allows your representatives to understand your customers better. Personas can be bundled with our lead gen and research data depending on customer needs.

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